Dear People Of The Interwebs….

Today I am happy to announce a new challenge for myself as well as for you my beloved readers.

I am going to introducing a series of messages directly from the Book of Romans (KJV of course. Fear not about the translation. KJV is the best kind and if you have any reservation or confusion about what is being mentioned, I will do my best to speak simple so that all will understand.

With the book of Romans I intent to study and write based on one chapter at a time. The study period for a chapter will likely take about three weeks. Meaning the readers would get one message a month from the book of Romans.

However be not dismayed, my writing will still carry on.

I already have Project Bible 365  Devotions

The Good News Gospel (examining The Psalms)

Songs for God

& Now even more content will be produced with Dear Romans. Quick someone nominate me for a versatile blogger award. I am kidding…. Or Am I?


So the way my blogging schedule will work happens like this.

You will get The Good News Gospel everyday three times a day with the exception of Saturday and Sunday’s.

Project 365 Devotions will be written on Wednesday twice a month.

Song For God will be posted on Saturday’s &  Sunday’s

Dear Romans will be featured on the blog once a month. The first of every month.


All this is scheduled to take place April first and no this is not a joke. It’s time to think deep.

Thank you to the fans and supports of this little space of the web that I have. God is the one who gets the glory honor and praise for anything I do, I do for Him…




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