Christian Girls and Romance Novels

This is a re blogged post originally written by Melani of the blog Reflections of the heart. Christian Girls & Romance Novels


Once again I had heard it. The opinion that has been brought before me so many times. I usually forget about it quickly and continue on with living, but not this time, unfortunately. I mulled this topic for several days before finally deciding to put pen to paper… This post is the result.

I’m not writing this to disagree with anyone or suggest that I’m right and you’re wrong. I simply wanted to point out a few facts regarding why so many arguments against romance novels are simply…illogical. Many Christian girls and women have decided that books with any amount of romance in them are evil and to be avoided at all costs. Where does this idea come from? (When I talk about romance novels, please know that I am talking about Christian books that place God in the center of all relationships.) Here is a much-heard statement regarding these…

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