I AM Poem…

I AM…  born with funny feet and that’s not because I like to eat meat. 

I AM not only a student  of post secondary subjects. 

I AM… a walker of narrow roads. 



I AM… a thinker , not a drinker.

I AM  a reader and a ice cream eater. 

I AM independent. 

I AM not a crowd pleaser. 

I AM a man of vivid immigration and yet I firmly  believein the Genesis creation.

I AM man of one kind of music.

 I AM  a man of various taste buds but when my ears hear the sounds of rap or rock music I can’t help but run to the store just for earbuds.

I AM Italian

I AM Canadian

I AM a child of God.

I AM  a speaker of multiple languages with English being my best. 



I AM a writer who tends to put my creativity to the test and that’s when I preform best. 

I AM a person with a giving and forgiving spirit.

I AM a man who  doesn’t believe in being haughty or high minded but humble. 




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