10 Biblical Leaders in 10 Days

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen , In effort to educate the general public about the Bible I have chosen to take on the task of presenting the Bible to all my readers in a way they never even thought of. After I present you with this 10 day teaching session. I want you all to evaluate what you have learned and realize that the Bible isn’t just a book that needs to be laying around your house, getting dusty on the shelf. Most churches have missed the boat when it comes teaching their members to lean not on them , but rather lean on the Word. If you don’t open the Bible you won’t know what’s in it.  I open it everyday, and I see much life in the Word of God. I also see many courageous men and women who lived to Honor God, some even paid the dearest price. Some even paid with their very lives.  The words of the Bible don’t need to be changed to be make more interesting. The Bible doesn’t need to have a COOL cover to gain the attention of atheists, skeptics and non believers alike just so they would feel compelled to read the Word of God.  There is plenty of Life in the Book but your first step in understanding the book is simply open the pages of the book.


There is plenty of life within the pages of the Bible even though it may be 1500 years old. I can testify to the truth of God’s promise. The Bible has got me out of more valleys than I can count. The Bible has always been paramount in my life even when my close loved ones were a far off. Every time I have tuned to the Word of God, I gain strength as I cling to the promises of His Word. The Bible is a book that can answer every question man has ever had. Men and Women just have to be  willing to seek God on those answers.

Over the next ten days I feel lead by the Spirit of God to encourage people in the promises of God’s Word. I feel lead by the Spirit of God to inform people in this age about having to be  courageous in times of great conflict. Over a period of the next ten days, I will give you the truth about 10 courageous people that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob was able to use to accomplish great works. I believe the reason God wants me to discuss this topic is to simply get the bride of Christ ready to do the entire will of God holding nothing back.

Over the next 10 days I will bring you a sermon series that has never ever been talked about before. Over the next 10 days allow the Holy Spirit to work on your hearts and minds opening them both up to God’s word and truth.  There have been many that would say the Bible is too old and doesn’t apply to life and society today. However the Bible is the most important foundational book any man, woman or child could have.

why-study-the-bibleDo yourself a favour dust off that Bible home and open up the pages of a new life waiting for you. The problem with the general population is that we as a society spend more time watching Tv or reading trashy celebrity magazines and yet some of us fail to give God even 30 minutes of our time in the span of 24  hour day.


10 Biblical figures that made great leaders. David, Queen Esther, The Apostle Paul Gideon, Moses, Joshua, Samson, The Prophet Elijah, Daniel and Jesus.

Stay Tuned……

Over the next 10 days together we can study to show ourselves approved. Together we can begin to think deep.


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