The Abled Are Capable

Project Bile 365 Day 25 The Abled Are Capable

Today’s message will have a vastly differently intention behind it but it will most certainly be God focused.

Today’s subtopic will deal with the need to have a serious discussion with the entire world about the stupidity of a stigma.

This devotional will be written for those of us who deal with stigmas as it relates our different abilities. So  I don’t care  what country you live, the colour of your skin or even race, if you have faced any amount of persecution due to the fact that may have a unique quality that the world notices you a lot more than others whether you’re blind, deaf, have one arm or leg it doesn’t matter.

This is My Friend Andy


I know fantastic people that have a unique quality that sets them apart from the world.  I have news for everyone that share those unique qualities and most certainly they also share some of the more interesting stories that any regular John or Jane Doe would never know about if we didn’t use our time to raise our voices for a higher calling  to advocate for our causes.

Maybe perhaps there are some of you that were picked on in school because of your differences. Worry your heart for nothing. Embrace the mold and make your mark a beautiful one. b5a4c83a52a60f82bb36dbf1ca48a45c

I have had the honor in my lifetime to get a wonderful opportunity to be able to talk with people at great length about seeing the people for what they can do, not what they can’t do. Besides if everyone who is able bodied could do everything they claim then there would be no need to put robots in factories. Regardless they are still there. It helps to understand that as people whether you’re a woman or man it’s important to understand that it’s okay to ask for help.  

The biggest problem the general population have with people who are diverse is that they fear weak-and-strong-copywhat they do not understand. I ask my friends, to be do not be weary in doing well… That’s why our voices can be used for a purpose of doing good things for our causes. I can tell you growing up for me was rather difficult because I was the only person with a disability in my school at the time. I often got the stink eye from a variety of people. Again I will say that “people fear what they don’t understand.” 


I once wrote a book detailing my ability in a book I titled “The Footprints of Funny Feet.” I had a very close friend of mine write the foreword for my autobiography. I asked him to answer one question. “What was your first impression of me when you saw me walk into class? “Here is what Mr. Nathan Innes had to say about the question i asked him.

I CYiMEdBUMAEPf3rattended a small rural public school. Quaint and not accustom to out of the ordinary happenings. It was grade two near the beginning of the year. Alliances and friend groups began to emerge and our multiplication tables were practiced daily.

The day Anthony and his brother Angelo arrived was one I can still see vividly in my mind. I arrived to school as usual and began speaking to my best friend the collaborator on this foreword Ryan.

Suddenly through the door a grey platform was ushered in followed by someone carrying a padded wooden chair. They set it at the front of the class right next to the blackboard. First they placed the grey platform down. It had holes in it where they secured the legs of the chair into. The chair even had velcro straps on it for support of some kind.
As a child however if looked like some kind of chair used for punishment. Then moments later Anthony walked in. I had never seen anyone in my life with a physical disability before and I can say in combination with the punishment chair I thought Anthony must be uncontrollable! An animal! (I found this out to be true but in a much different context, dealing with his perseverance and courage)

However as most children my preconceptions didn’t invoke fear it invoked curiosity and I will forever be grateful for that because it not only set precedent for how I would grow up and view those who are different but it gave me the rich opportunity to make a great friend.

 I think what Nathan had learned since meeting almost well over 2 decades ago is,

” Do Not Judge A Book By A Cover unless it’s a book about vampires to which you either burn the book or kick it to the curb. It’s funny how the world will ask us as Christians if God is a God of Love why does he allow bad things to happen. The answer at its core is a simple one. Free Will, people have to understand we live in a fractured world. All because of one single sin. 

1 Corinthians 15:21-22King James Version (KJV)

21 For since by man came death, by man came also the resurrection of the dead.

22 For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive.

You may ask yourselves if I really think it’s that simple. The answer is yes, the bible says it, I believe it, and that settles it.  It’s funny how the world will tell you can’t mean while JeSUS you can do all thing through him according the sermon by Apostle Paul.

Philippians 4:13King James Version (KJV)

13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

 I know what some of you may be thinking, disabilities only happen to ordinary people right? Wrong here’s a list of famous celebrities that share something in common with myself. Meet the famous faces that like me have unique feet.

Mayson Zayido-MAYSOON-ZAYID-TED-facebook

Actress, Comedian, Advocate and a immigration officer’s worst nightmare.



Abbey-CurranAbby Nicole Curran Beauty Pageant Contestant for Ms. U.S.A. in 2008 representing Iowa.






christu    Christy Brown Irish Author  When Christy was alive he only had use of his Left Foot.  He overcome barriers by painting various things and even writing several books. His story made it to the silver screen in a Hollywood bio pic. (1981) Titled My Left Foot where Daniel Day Lewis starred as the Irish author Christy Brown.

There are plenty more but I don’t want to have my readers become bored with me over long lists.

dont-dis-my-ability-1The biggest reason I wanted to write a devotional to God is mainly because it relates to the job market as it relates people who with minor limitations or take a big little  bit of a different course in a method of training. There are certain stigmas that relate to people in my world getting work and keeping it.  Perhaps mans biggest weakness is looking with their eyes instead of their hearts.


1 Samuel 16:7

The Lord Said Look not upon the countenance or the height because I have refused him. The Lord seeth not as man seeth; For man looketh upon the outward appearance. The Lord looketh upon the heart. 

God is so gracious because he is our creator and he knows our abilities and talents simply by looking at the hearts of men of women that are his Children. The next time a person faces discouragement because of name calling simply remember this;

Psalms 139:14 I will praise thee for I am fearfully and wonderfully made  Marvelous are thy works. 


It’s not cool to dis someone’s ability. No matter whether you’re a politician, high profile celebrity, or a wolf on wall street.

Prior to studying to become a  Christian pastor I was a journalist for ten years. I had the great honour of interviewing random people on random subjects and also interviewing people with a high profile celebrity status whether it was a sports figure, politician, college student or the garbage man. They have had a great story to tell.

Not too bad for a kid that has #CP I was told I would never write anything of worth and most certainly I was also told I would be confined to  a wheelchair by my 20th birthday. I am not confined to a wheelchair,  Even though I have funny feet I still walk two to three miles a day everyday and I work out twice a week  for an half each time.


I would much rather be an inspiration to the perfect work that God molded me into. He receives the glory. I am just the vessel he is the potter. I want to show people that God does not make junk and with that being said, I would to introduce a video from the SkitGuysskit-guys1


. God’s Chisel

This concludes tonight’s message on  Project Bible 365 Day 25  The Abled Are Capable.








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