A Hot Chocolate & A Hallelujah

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Project Bible 365 Day 05


I find it a bit odd and humourus that I have decided to talk about Hot Chocolate and Hallelujah tonight.Often times, A hot chocolate and a hallelujah seemingly don’t even belong in the same sentence.However I felt this topic come to me because of a question I have for all my readers. For those of you who attend church Sunday mornings who is your God and most certainly who has your stomach?

I’ve attended church for more than 20 years. I have been to Catholic churches, I have been to Baptist churches and nothing worked. Nothing worked in the sense that even though I went to church on Sunday’s regularly, I still felt like I could do whatever I wanted during the week all because I went to church on most Sunday mornings.

yomkippurThere is one major problem with that, this wasn’t the old testament and I didn’t live under Jewish law. What I mean by that is because I went to church on Sunday and rebeled for the remainder of the week. I had no excuses. No matter how many times I went to church, if I did what I wanted for the rest of the week how than would that make me any different than all those in the old testament who came to the altar to present a sacrifice to the Lord for their sins once a year only to go back into their sins the day after.


After all anybody who goes to church on Sunday can look sharp or pretty in a suit or dress if but only for a hour long service. Your perfectly pressed suits and your ribbon dresses mean absolutely nothing if your acting like the people of the world the rest of the week.

Your church clothes won’t save you. An even more pressing matter happening within the majority of churches today is a time limit and physical food  gets a higher standard than spiritual food. Two years ago, I went to attend a small country church. The  service was nearly two hours. The first hour was singing. Although it  was great, it wasn’t until I noticed something was wrong in the second hour of the service.  20 minutes before the preacher spoke his sermon we took a break from service to eat snacks.

True Story!


The most commonly requested snack food was oreos. Although my tastebuds were enjoying the creamy filled oreos. I often wondered what was the purpose behind it all? My stomach was full of oreos, but my spiritual food was almost non existent.

I attended the small country church for a month before leaving and being be shunned by some members of the church. To my credit, I didn’t want to be that guy falling asleep in the pew during service. asleep3 To be honest, I can’t even remember the name of one of sermon spoke for those four weeks.

Someone  should  tell those type of Sunday Christians to read Mathew 4:4and if at first they don’t understand re-read it until they come to an understanding of the scripture.
Although these days, I attend church across the border I have often commented to friends at the church saying that I have learned more in one year since attending the church on America’s birthday 2015 than I have ever have in my 20 + years of going to false doctrine churches.

Matthew-4-4That concludes tonights message titled A  Hot Chocolate and a Hallelujah.



6 thoughts on “A Hot Chocolate & A Hallelujah

  1. If only we could get back to the days of the original church; pure and passionate Jesus teaching, true community, and real service. I’m sure churches exist out there that do this (or at least try very hard,) so I am not meaning any disrespect. However, unfortunately they are becoming more and more few and far between. Too much focus is placed on structure, as well as whose doctrine and religious practices are correct. I fear the point is too often missed (whether intentional or not.) Therefore people are getting left behind; feeling alone, with too many questions, and no community. Thank you for sharing about your experiences, I’m sure we all have are tales to tell, I enjoyed reading yours.

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