Breaking News:The Story Behind A Pen, A Sword and A Laptop



 Sometimes these can be somewhat nerve racking to complete. How on earth do I explain myself to hundreds of thousands of people in just a brief summary or 140 characters? Oh wait this isn’t Twitter. So than does that make it socially acceptable to rant on about a subject or topic? This is not Facebook either. This is  an introduction to a blog website. My words could make or break my life online.absolute-digital-facebook-twitter

To answer five simple questions that anybody can answer. So whether your name is Johnny, Jane, Jimmy or Janice. I am confident that you can answer these

1. Why do you blog? I write like I breathe. It’s a natural process of life that I have been comfortable with since the days of receiving a commodore 64 at the age of 10.13247typing

2. Why should we visit your blog? It’s not that my stories are any different, they just offer insight into my mind, my thoughts and life. I figured I better write these thoughts of mine on the biggest piece of paper I could find, so the biggest piece of paper I could find was a blog. I find it useful because it helps the environment by not having to tear down or destroy trees just to purchase a 50 page journal at the local Chapters store for a price of $50.00images

3. Where did your passion to write come from? It all started in fourth grade when not even my classmates thought I could read. To make a long story short, just 50 textbooks, 45 biographies and 21 years later here I am today

4. Where do you get your inspiration? I get my inspiration from personal experiences my faith and of course THE BIG TEST we call life. I love to be tested both in the classroom and in life because it gives the opportunity to rise to the occasion.

5.pen-is-mightier-than-the-sword A blog title is everything, why is your blog titled the Pen and the Sword Press? The title of my blog has to deal with a comment that a former teacher once said to me when dealing with the ethics and law of journalism, it’s important to understand that a journalist must be made aware that, “The pen is always mightier than the sword.” Except in this case, when writing a blog the pen becomes a keyboard.


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