Walking The Waters In Faith

Faith and Doubt


Gather around one and all, it’s time for a Bible Story for those of you who are young and old, whether you’re tall or small maybe you might even have mold growing in between your toes.”

The subject in question deals with dependency and independence. This topic is a very important topic to talk about because it addresses one’s fears, mainly my own. Some readers may think I have no fear because some how being a Christian makes dealing with fear almost non existent. The journey says otherwise. What is the journey you may ask? The journey is stepping  out on my own for the first time. I’m not going to lie and make excuses. I’m not going to lie because I think that would be a waste of time.

I figured the only way to address my fears is so that I may boldly address them openly. I aim to do this so that the doubts in my mind will be told the truth about the great next step for myself.  It took me a little while to name this post because even though I had the idea to write, I had to come up with a title for this entry.  Now as the day of moving on my own draws near. I have to address the doubt and defeat the doubt with talking faith.  I really had figure out how to relay my fears and faith to the world in a blog entry without having my readers yawn after reading just a sentence in.

The face of fear.

To move past this stage of fear it is important to say that we as humans have a fear of something. Whether that fear is rats, spiders, snakes or yes even the mirror, In cases like that it’s important to draw strength from the Word of God. If one person would take the time to read the Bible, people would see great examples of situations that caused much fear. From the perspective of mankind the story of Daniel in the lion’s den or the apostle Paul facing Nero’s axe would be terrifying for any man to get past.

Fight against fear. The reason why this is important is because our enemy the devil goes about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. Don’t give the devil an inch because than he will be your ruler. If you shut fear up, you shut the devil up. The devil’s loudest voice is a voice of fear and doubt. Once we identify where the fear comes from than we are are one step closer to giving him a black eye. Take note, I don’t recommend beating anyone over the head with a Bible. A person should NEVER EVER and yes I do mean NEVER EVER debate the word of God with anyone. However when it comes to beating someone over the head with the Bible to the point he receives a black eye than who better to get a black eye than the devil.  james-4-7-8

Instead of viewing the new change in my life as a negative thing, I choose to look to the men of faith that overcame fear with their faith. Many people that debate the Bible will say that Peter the apostle who Jesus chose to build his church upon  once had the fear that I speak of but it was shown in a different way. In the Gospel of Mathew Peter walked the waters as Jesus bid him to come. However he got distracted by thunder and lighting and nearly drowned.  Isn’t that just like the devil down through the years, he has tried again and again to puff himself up to cause fear and trembling for children of God. However any true child of God will know that there is power in the spoken word of God. The devil should fear the blood washed true children of God because we have the word in our mind, hearts and souls.

GangsterSquad10So what was the devil trying to say to make me to make me doubt the new move, the new home and of course the new life?He was saying….

You cannot move on your own, you have a disability.

You can’t move on your own, you have no job yet. You can’t move on your own the house payments cost too  much. How will you pay the bills? You can’t move on your own, remember the little accident that happened in college, it nearly cost you your life. Isn’t it funny how the devil speaks doubt and God speaks power in our abilities. The devil loves to focus on our shortcomings while God loves to grant us an overcoming and courageous spirit.

Let us address the elephant in the room. Yes, I have a disability, but it doesn’t hinder me as much as one would think or expect. Walk the waters in faith, it is important to remember that even though Peter stumbled in the water while walking to Jesus, it’s important to remember that He Walked.

I see this new stage in my life as an opportunity to soar to great heights both physically and spiritually. This a time that I have been waiting for to spend some one on one time studying the word, feeding my soul as well feeding my stomach with physical food. After all Paul was only called into the wilderness for three years. I’m only called away for a year. I will welcome that opportunity and I will confidently and courageously walk the waters in faith as well as in life.


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