The App Attack: Is Society Addicted To Our Cell Phones?

By Anthony Sicilia                                                                    February 8, 2016

For sometime now, I have wondered if we as a people, as a society and as a general population are under attack from our phone apps? There is a disturbing trend I have witnessed in the last few weeks. We are under attack and it’s an inside job.  We as a people are under attack by advances in technologies. This isn’t a new issue, many people discuss what it means to be connected to the internet, plugged into television, taking part in a video game on the latest gaming system or even worse watching a music video via Youtube.

We have all heard of the popular social media sites that help us stay connected with the world. One of the world’s most user friendly social media sites approaching 10 years old. The number of user on the social media site include 1.1 Billion members. I left the social website 1.5 years ago because it was in essence MELTING MY BRAIN! What I mean by that is for the longest time, I thought1082011899 that it was more important to check out the latest photo’s posted by former friends and of course browse around for hours reading useless status updates. That didn’t even begin to speak the truth about how truly boring it was.


Since leaving the social media airwaves I have realized how much more I now have to read, speak with people (face to face and of course breathing and eating is essential to function in everyday life. I have some how come to understand through a series of experiments I have observed that technology is a drastic distraction to mankind. Why is that and what makes me so bold to state such claims? I can state such claims because just like radio killed the newspaper star and the internet killed the cable star, cable and satellite companies are taking a backseat to the elephant in the room, the internet. The majority of people that were once huge supporters of watching cable tv programing have since cut the cable choosing instead to go the way of the internet for cost effective reasons. Many formers fans of television have chosen to go the way of the internet not only for cost effective reason but also for more of an option and variety that one has. The argument over tv vs internet is as follows. Whatever is on TV anybody can access on the internet at a much quicker pace.

With a simple click of the mouse a family accessve access their favourite songs, tv shows or cooking shows thanks in part to YouTube and of course Netflix. However there is a more dangerous threat approaching. That danger possibly indicates that perhaps we spend a little too much time on our cell phones and not enough connected to the family. In fact it is thew complete opposite. We spend a large portion of our days and nights being more connected to the internet and more disconnected from our families than ever before because of technology. The newest trend in phone games is a game titled trivia crack. Although the game deals with questions about art, history geography sports science and entertainment. When is too much, too much…? image(76)





It is important to prioritize in life. Moderation is needed when it comes how much time we spend on our phones connected to the latest apps we have downloaded. I’m not claiming to be perfect by any means because there is times that even I fall victim to gaming on my phone too much. By the numbers count how many apps you have on your phone and it should give a clear showing of where our priorities lie. I think the minions had it right… 771008838771df8166af4375164839f2


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