Chapter 3: Unable to Write Makes Me a Perfect Candidate to Type

As I would begin to read and write, I began to understand words, and because I had developed a deeper understanding for words, my imagination was   used to transport me inside the pages of any book I was reading. Two of my favourite authors as a child were  Robert Munsch and Roald Dahl.In fact,  when I first read the book Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, I fell in love with, chocolate and still after all these years, I still love chocolate and it all began with a simple children’s book. 



Unlike my dislike for pancakes and yes if we have time I will explain to my readers a little bit as to why I dislike pancakes a little later on in the book. maxresdefaultI think one of the main reasons I liked to write so often began with stories of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.  I enjoyed history because it provided a real element for me as to which I could use to relate to. When it came to writing stories that would get people excited, interested and intrigued, I used to read books and re-write the  beginning middle and ending. I loved reading stories but even more than that, I loved taking the stories I often read as a child and make them into my own creation.  When it comes to writing I believe I was born with tunnel vision because once I write on a specific topic, I could be writing on it for hours.

I first began writing stories when I was just nine years old and it’s fascinating that 21 years later, I am still writing, the only thing that has really changed is the things I read. As I said earlier, I was  quite interested in history and I believe that is why these days, I could spend many days in God’s Word studying it and constantly learning. Here’s an important fact to remember, Whether you have a high school, college or even university diploma it’s important to always maintain a love for knowledge, I do that by spending hours speaking the scriptures written in my textbooks and it’s truly a beautiful thing. I will say this, that even though my peers who looked only with their physical eyes see my disability as a stumbling block to them, I beg to differ.

I often made up my own reality and avoided seeing the truth.

I was simply only crippled and disabled when I didn’t serve God with my whole being, mind, body and soul…. I am now 30 years old and I am set free  through the wonder working power of the blood of the Lamb.  I am not the same man I used to be. I still have a passion for writing, but it should be understood that even I had a passion for writing I didn’t always have the type of precision with punctuation that I do today, and I believe this occurred simply because my brain was moving too fast. At times I was often to eager with an idea and rather than review it I just went on my thoughts. I will be the first admit  that when I read a story out loud and began to type it on paper my tongue moved faster than my brain could think.

The only reason I have a good understanding of writing now is because I had wonderful college professor and I’m fairly certain, I taught  him the value of long suffering. I say this because my writing style was awful, I never went by the book. I always created my own paths and if it wasn’t for my college professors really believing in my creative passion, I wouldn’t be half the writer I am today.

Newspaper Reporter's PressPass in Hat, White Background.
Newspaper Reporter’s Press Pass in Hat, White Background.

I tell you the truth, being unable to physically write legible made me the perfect candidate to type and I have just never really stopped.  I had a passion for writing that was evident to most of my school teachers I just needed help to mold me into a writer that people could understand. As a child  I had an ability to take stories that I read and transform them into my own vision, whether it was changing the beginning, middle or ending. Writing stories were very exciting to me, but like all good aspiring writers I needed help. So I put together a team of friends that kept me on track, and kept me in line as far as creating the perfect formula for a good story.  Who were my editors? One of my editors were of course Nathan Innes, the highly educated film director professional who I had previously mentioned in chapter two. I had a team of four writers and together we were the four musketeers of the literature world. We were bold enough to take on any challenge that came our way and the icing on the cake was the fact that  we were just  only nine years old at the time.



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