Can the origins of Christmas rise up or has our society fallen prey to modern day materialism?





By Anthony Sicilia                                                                                  December 30, 2015

Santa came for all the good little girls and boys. Many a child received their favourite toys, and the young children are still making plenty of noise.   While the Christmas season maybe behind us is it fair to ask my readers, do you know about the origins of Christmas? It started with a baby in manger and his smile. What if I told you that same smile lives on in the toddlers of today would you agree?

The holiday season in general has left a terrible fog over me and all begins with a simple question. That question would be, “would that be paper or plastic?” It’s a common question during the festive season and it’s a question that is most commonly answered with “plastic.” That split second decision may determine what your Christmas bills will look like as January approaches.  I say this with regret because if I only knew than what I know now about the stabilization of our financial resources in our economy I probably wouldn’t have asked my mother to buy me that water gun in December of ’93. If I knew than what I know now about the importance of money I most likely would have paid more attention in second grade when our teacher read us a story about the ant and the grasshopper. What if I told you, I received my Christmas gift and because I received it I feel richer from a personal standpoint more than from a financial viewpoint and I’m OK with that.

My Christmas Present of 2015 was being in the presence of my niece Angelina. 

Make no mistake Christmas is a time of year like no other. When this type of holiday approaches it advertises good will toward men and good health to all. The only problem with that is where is the simplicity behind it all?

I don’t mean going out to the store and getting the latest version of Guitar Hero, I mean keeping your presents to a minimum and maximizing your presence in the company of others. This is important because simple and small gestures go a lot further than most people realize. After all by the time next Christmas comes around there will be a new phenomenon on the market which is not from a Disney cartoon or a superhero franchised film.

Lately I have discovered that the generational population of people are more satisfied to please their kids by braving the snowy weather and purchasing the latest gismo’s and gadgets for their Johnny or Jane.  However if you put a price on a child’s happiness than what has the classic tale of the Christmas Carol really taught us?

Jim Carrey (Scrooge) and Gary Oldman  as (Tiny Tim)in a 2009 film A Christmas Carol. Directed By Robert Zemeckis . Novelist Charles Dickens 

It’s nice to have the finances to buy gifts for the holidays but if parents depend on what’s hip for their kids without the primary focus being on simplicity of a baby in a manger than where is the joy? Sure opening gifts Christmas morning only to find that you got your favourite minions character is cool but how long does the joy last until the next new toy comes on the market, and they make that their next desired toy. I am a simple man; I have often said that when I don’t get paid in paper, a smile will be more than sufficient.  If the origins of Christmas are preached in Church and not practiced at home  than the real winner of the holiday season isn’t you but rather the shopping malls  who cashes in on panic and chaos through the means of electrical transactions.


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